Welcome to the official ZICS site.

ZICS is a great new chess server held in Australia where everyone can play chess, chat and be part of many tournaments and major events.

ZICS was founded by Mackja and rha. Both of them have put in a considerable amount of time in making this server what it is. Now all their hard efforts are going to be paid back when they see many people enjoying the friendly atmosphere of ZICS.

You will probably need a good GUI interface to use ZICS. See our Download page for a sample WinBoard setup or our Links page for suitable software. Alternately, you can look at the list of 20 best online casinos.

If you wish to become a member of this friendly atmosphere just goto the Connecting page to see how to connect, then log on as a guest and one of the admins will register you immediately.

To see a list of the current admins on ZICS goto the Admins list and see if you can spot one online!

Think your no good at Chess?
Then try this problem, we know you cant go wrong!
- white to move and mate in 6 moves (Ropke).