Chess Links

Interfaces for ICS systems:

WinBoard Tim Mann's Chess page. Home for Winboard, graphical interface for all ICS servers. Very powerful and customizable. Has lots of features! (Also info on Crafty)
Ed Collins' Winboard Site Ed's page is just too good for anyone to miss!
Chess Client Great freeware ICS interface! Lots of cool board views. Good for beginners!
BlitzIn Free interface written for use only with the Internet Chess Club.

Free Internet Chess Servers:

Australian FICS (ZICS!) telnet to server
FICS: Free Internet Chess Server (The Original) telnet to server
GCS: Global Chess Server (sponsored by USCF, BCF, DSB, and ACF) telnet to server
Chess.Net telnet to server telnet to server
International Champion Chess Network telnet to server
Brazilian FICS telnet to server
Chilean FICS telnet to server
Croatian FICS telnet to server
Dutch FICS telnet to server
French FICS telnet to server
German FICS telnet to server
Swedish FICS telnet to server

Commercial Internet Chess Servers:

ICC: Internet Chess Club One of the biggies.

Other Chess links:

Australian Chess Federation (ACF) Web site for OTB Chess in Australia
Australian Chess Enterprises Chess promotions, publications and supplies. Home of Koala Chess Club Bobby Fan Site Ace Chess - A Chess Resource List
British Chess Magazine The Chess Shop, for everything to do with chess
Chess About Great chess-related content, archived by topic
Chess Steve Pribut's Chess Site
Chess USA boards, chess pieces, chess software, chess sets, chess computers
Chess Co Shopping etc
Chess Digest Information and shopping
Chess Discount Sales (Australia) One of the oldest Chess suppliers in Australia (Sydney)
Chess Informant ECO etc
Chess Mail online the essential magazine for Internet and correspondence chess players
Chess Stuff Australia located in Brisbane, is Queensland's only dedicated chess supplier
Chessbase Chess News, Chess Programs and Databases
Chess World (Australia) For all your chess needs. Prompt service from knowledgable staff (Melbourne, VIC)
ChessCafe Great Site, Lots of articles
Chessopolis! Shopping etc
David Dowe's chess Games and game theory page
ECO (Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings) ECO with downloads in PGN format
FIDE Online World Chess Federation
GNU Chess Home of GNU Chess (source code available)
PGN mentor Download PGN Files Top 1000 Chess Links
Everyman Chess Books etc
Kasparov Chess Play, Learn, Compete!
Kingpin Online Magazine
Knights & Bytes Excellent Australian Chess Learning
MECCA Chess Encyclopedia
New in Chess Your Link to the Chess World
Nick Beqos Website (Chess Coaching)
Smart Chess R&D Publishing World Wide Chess SuperStore
Schachklub Blackburne Nickelsdorf
SCID an excellent free chess database application
Tasc ChessSystem Home
The Chess House General and Shopping
The Chess Set Shopping (Adelaide, Australia)
The Week in Chess Must See! Excellent Site Tiger
US Chess Federation USA all the way!
World Chess Network More chess stuff