Please be advised that if this is an unauthorized duplicate account for you, by using it you take the risk of being banned from accessing this chess server.

To connect to the server and use this account:

      telnet zics.org 5000

and enter your handle name and password.

You might want to check our Links section for Information and graphical Client-Programs for your system.

We strongly recommend you adding notes ("set 1/2/3..." command) to your new account, telling who you are and what your favourite games/times are, maybe even your E-Mail address, if you like, since your Real Name and E-Mail address are otherwise not visible to others by the "finger" command.

Help when connected...

In order to...


Get assistance or an answer to a question

[Step 1] +chan 1
[Step 2] tell 1

Turn shouts off

set shout 0

Read a help file

help file_name

Select an appropriate graphics interface

help interfaces

Download a graphics interface

help ftp_hints

Talk to just one individual

tell user_name

Challenge a user to a chess match

match user_name

We have created several introductory files for users of this chess server.  The files describe different features of the server and give you some suggestions on how these features can help you enjoy internet chess.  Here is a directory of the introductory files and what topics each file covers:

Introductory File

Topics Covered


Examine or analyze a game


Basic commands; enough to get started


General information


Displaying information


Making moves in a chess match


Playing in chess matches


Setting your preferences


Communicating to other users


How to register on the server

In order to read information from one of these files (or any other help file), simply type "help file_name" using the appropriate file_name.

If you have questions after reading a file, there are a couple of things you can do.

(1) Read the help file for a command you have a question about; your answer might be there.  Also, help files usually suggest related files you may want to read.

(2) Contact users, especially administrators of the server (known as "admins"); they are very helpful.  Users on channel 1 are also a great help (see the "chan_1" help file).  in order to learn how to communicate, type "help intro_talking"

Registration on this server is by email; type "help register" to learn the procedure.