Getting Connected

This part of the site will give you a good description on how to connect to ZICS.

The most basic connection to the server is using telnet:

      telnet 5000

and enter your handle name (or "guest" if not registered) and password when prompted.

It is much better to connect to ZICS using a quality GUI tool. The best one we recommend was compiled by one of our own members using Winboard. (Xboard is the Unix GNU equivalent - see the links page for software)
You can download it here: PicnicGuyBlitz (Win32).

After you download and install the software, goto the 'Winboard.ini' file in the Winboard directory.

Edit the text file until you get to all the chess servers.

As in the picture there you see /icsport=5000

Add that to your winboard.ini file.

Save your file then run winboard.exe.

It should connect, and ask for your login name.
        Type: guest if you aren't already a member.