ZICS Administrators and Special Accounts

Here is a list of the current Administrators on ZICS:

  • Rha (Head Administrator)
  • Mackja (Head Assistant Administrator
  • Baadshah (Head Helper)
  • RyanM (Head Programmer)
  • Talmax (Head Tournament Manager)
  • {Last Update on Wed May 26 2004 by RyanM}

If you see any of these online don't hesitate to ask questions!

This is a list of all the Special accounts ZICS use. Please don't try to have conversations with them, most of them are bots and aren't humans or they are run my admins to do special jobs and don't need distractions!

  • Adjudicate
  • Suggestion
  • HelpFiles
  • Bug
  • Vacation
  • Mamer